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Zakynthos Town: Is the island's capital and a great place to visit day or night. The town offers an array of tempting shops which most of which are situated on the Alexandra Roma shaded by venetian arches. St Marks square modelled on its italian namesake has a good selection of cafes, bars and tavernas. It is a wonderful place to sit back relax and join the locals in a spot of people watching.

Dionisios Solomos Square: Dionisios Solomos Square is the central and biggest square in the city where several religious and cultural events & celebrations take place. The statue of our National poet, Dionisios Solomos, nowadays a copy of the original statue, work of the Athenian sculptor Georgios Vroutos stands out. The square is found at the end of the central port dock and its current form (paving) is post-earthquake. In this area, in the old times, used to be water (sea), but during the works for the extension of the city, the area was casted. In the old times the Square was also called "Port Square" because it was formed by the casting of the area. Around the Square we admire several remarkable buildings which still follow their pre-earthquake form, as well as the church of Saint Nikolaos of the Port. On the left, stands the Town Hall of Zakynthos Zante and in the south the statue of Ugo Foskolo. More statues in the Square, are those of Pavlos Karer and the Staue of Freedom.

Bohali: Nestled high above Zakynthos town lies this small village. Bohali is one of the best places on the island for stunning views over Zakynthos Town and across the sea to the greek mainland.

Keri: Located in the south western coast of the island and tucked into the corner of Laganas bay is the pretty fishing village of Limni Keriou the waterfront harbour of the mountain village of Keri. From the shingle beach there is a lovely view across the bay to the Vassilikos peninsula and the golden sands of Gerakas beach. The waterfront is dotted with tavernas, shops and bars.

Porto Roxa: An unforgettable sunset, memorable plunges, an incomparable bay unique wild scenery created by “loubes” the holes in the vertical cliffs. It is at the southwest of the island. Enjoy a meal at the Ioniοn Taverna an authentic greek restaurant with a 10% discount when you hire your car.

Navagio (shipwreck): The shipwreck is without doubt the most famous sight on Zakynthos it is also reffered to as smugglers cove. The shipwreck lies in the middle of a beautiful white pebble bay surrounded by white cliffs and blue water that looks like bleach has been added. Shipwreck beach can be appreciated in two ways either by taking a boat trip of by viewing it from above, there is no direct access to the beach.

Blue Caves: The blue caves are in the north of Zakynthos and are one of the best known sights on the island. The unusual caves were discovered in 1897 with the largest cave being called Blue Grotto. In order to visit the caves you can hire a boat, or take a boat trip. The nearest point to the caves to take a boat is the harbour of St Nicolaos near to Volimes but trips depart from many other parts of the island.

Banana Beach: The beach of Banana is the biggest sandy beach on the island. It is found 11.5 km south of the town of Zakynthos at the peninsula of Vassilikos. Apart from the nice sand and crystal clear sea, you will enjoy facilities for sunbathing and watersports, on the beach itself you will find snack bars for refreshments. The sea is shallow and ideal for families with small children.

Gerakas: At the southern most pοint of the island is the cape of Gerakas. The beach of Gerakas forms the eastern part of Laganas bay and is a protected area and also part of the national marine park. Gerakas beach is one of the most beautiful on the island and the shallow turquoise waters combined with the golden sand and rocky formations in the distance and make up an impressive spectacle. Gerakas is virtually unspoilt by the mass tourism on the island and there are very few hotels and tavernas in the vicinity.

Porto Vromi: Two steep limestone bluffs rise each side of a narrow inlet at the small but beautiful village of Porto Vromi. Here is a sheltered harbour for a few fishing boats and a narrow strip of white sand and shingle. Above the harbour is the 15th century monastery of Panagia Anafonitiria noted for its fine frescos and there are regular trips from the harbour to the nearby blue caves.

Xigia Beach: Is in the north of the island and offers a unique chance to go to a health spa for free. The water here has a high sulphur content reputed for good skin, removing cellulite, relieving arthritis and for other minor ailments. What could be better on holiday then treating yourself to a pampering swim so you can return home healthier and revitalized.

Water Village: Water Village, one of the biggest Water Parks in Greece is situated on the southeast part of the island. The Park stands on a piece of land occupying 40.000 sqm just 4km from Zante town, in the village of Sarakinado. If you're looking for a great time, non-stop spray games, action adventure, fun for the whole family, but also relaxation then don't loose the opportunity to visit Water Village.


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