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MAXIMUM DRIVING AGE: (70) Seventy years old.

DRIVER'S LICENCE: For bike rentals up to 50 cc the renter must be at least 18 years old and must hold a valid driving license (AM category) issued at least (1) one year before the rental. For bike rentals up to 200 cc (125 cc, 200 cc) the renter must be at least 19 years old and must hold a valid driving license (A1 category or A2 category) issued at least (1) one year before the rental. For bike rentals up to 350 cc (300 cc, 350 cc) the renter must be at least 25 years old and must hold a valid driving license (A2 category) issued at least (1) one year before the rental. For quad rental, the renter must hold a car driving license.

RENTAL: Rental is considered on a daily basis from morning to evening. The renter is responsible for:

  • All fuel during the period of the rental and the vehicle must be returned with the same level of fuel as when handed over.
  • All fines received during the rental period including driving parking and helmets.

First driver of any scooter/quad is in the agreed price. Additional driver is for extra charge. Under no circumstances any person other than the person stated on the contract is to drive the scooter/quad without prior agreement from the company.

The agreed price is only valid at the reservation time. "Auto Traffic Rentals" has the authority to change the current prices.

The renter has the right to cancel the booking. "Auto Traffic Rentals" does not have the obligation to refund the deposit to the renter.

"Auto Traffic Rentals" has the right to provide a vehicle similar to the one that has been reserved.

Travel on ferry boats is strictly forbidden. The rented vehicle must stay only on Zakynthos Island, unless otherwise agreed prior to rental and stated on the Rent Agreement. Renter is responsible to return the scooter/quad in the same good condition as at the start of the rental and not in a dirty condition. It is our aim to provide good quality vehicles which are checked regularly for client's health and safety in order to enjoy their vacation without a problem.

The renter shall return the scooter/quad at the specified day and time as stated on the contract. There would be an extra charge if it has not been returned as referred on the rental agreement.

METHODS OF PAYMENT: Cash, Credit card wherever possible (American Express NOT accepted).

INSURANCE PACKET: Payable by the renter, the vehicle to be returned at the same level as at start of hire.

  • C.D.W
    "Auto Traffic Rentals" has C.D.W (Collision Damage Waiver = 3rd party liability insurance) which covers you if you cause an accident, any damages to the vehicle of a third party. All damage cost to the rented scooter/quad will be paid by the renter. A payment is applicable according to the size of damage and the value of the vehicle. Minor damages will also be charged to the renter. In case of accident or damage on the rented vehicle or towards a 3rd party, please contact "Auto Traffic Rentals" (+30 26950 23430) immediately and do not acknowledge responsibility to a 3rd party until you speak with an "Auto Traffic Rentals" representative.
  • Extra option
    If client wish to have Full Damage Waiver (F.D.W, EXCESS) there is an optional insurance available during rental period. The renter is covered for any damage to the rented scooter/quad, over the EXCESS (SELF-RISK) amount provided he accepts and signs the relevant terms of the contract. Excess amount is calculated based on scooter's/quad's category. However, F.D.W insurance covers only driving on asphalt roads. The client is not permitted to drive "Auto Traffic Rentals" vehicles off road, on mountain dirty roads, rocks, beaches etc. Accidents while driver(s) are not referred in the rental agreement are not covered. No insurance covers stolen personal items left in/on the vehicle.

Insurance does NOT cover:

  • Accidents while driver(s) have excessed speed or drinking limits and used drugs.

"Auto Traffic Rentals" has the right to refuse renting a vehicle to a person with lack of driving skills, invalid or missing driver's license or after consideration that the driver would mean a danger for his/her/3rd party's health and safety and to property of "Auto Traffic Rentals".


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